About Our Team
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For over 16 years Mud Pie Creations has been helping our customers by providing affordable and intuitive software.  We know that the tools you use are supposed to help you get your work done faster… not be a source of frustration.  Software should make things easier for you.


We remember the lighthearted days of summer when finding unique ingredients for a mud pie was the hardest thing we did all day and we try to make our software be that easy, that carefree.  Whether you’re using a financial application or playing an educational game, if you’re thinking about how to use our software then we haven’t done our jobs.


We continuously look for ways we can improve our user’s experience by studying the features our support team has been asked about and we use that knowledge to make changes, to get better.


We also know that you need affordable options.  Many of our customers are churches and non-profit organizations and we realize that the funds you spend on software are funds that don’t go into helping people.  We try to be as cost-effective as we can.


And finally, we’re committed to helping people too.  We tithe on our income to organizations that help people in need … the poor, the sick, the unborn, the lost…  The ministries we partner with share our common goals:


Springhouse, The Cornerstone Foundation, Samaritan’s Purse, Joyce Meyer Ministries, St. Jude, Pregnancy Support Center, Global Missions Frontier, World Vision, Simeon’s Cry.


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